Included in the equipment are one excessive definition oil painting canvas, colorful magic cube diamonds, 1 level diamond pen, and one cube diamond tray. The package consists of 1 excessive definition painting canvas, greater than enough colorful spherical diamonds, 1 level diamond pen, one diamond tray, and one cube of clay. The dimensions of every character measure 2.7 by 3.1 inches, so they’re small enough not to be overwhelming but giant sufficient to make the diamond painting straightforward for small hands. The finished dimension 6 inch by 6 inch of the canvas it is a good size to cling up in their room to show their stunning art! The whole canvas dimension measures 12 inches by sixteen inches, which is an adequate size to have framed to cling in any room in your home – showing off your magnificent artwork!

The canvas is finished with a transparent oil to make it waterproof and present an excellent texture for the diamonds to follow. The oil canvas on which the diamond art is finished has a sticky back, so the completed items can be used to decorate absolutely anything your child needs to decorate! This field comes with 40 pieces of glue clay to glue over the diamonds appropriately and precisely. You’ll discover loads of green glue with super flash diamonds via it. Should you can’t find something you like please does get in touch You’re going to assist in sticking diamond painting beads firmer to the canvass through it. Diamond painting kits don’t come sweeter than FVBQQA’s sparkly designs.

Normal diamond painting kits are available in a variety of various designs. The colorful sparkling designs are simple for youthful youngsters and diamond painting beginners. This DIY diamond painting equipment is a full-drill canvas. Round gems end up leaving tiny spaces between the latest from the designer brands. smaller canvas. It’s easy to make the gems in a row through the trays. The trays will accelerate your diamond painting rhythms by providing you with high convenience. Two sticky markers to aid you most in painting diamonds. The diamonds provide a sparkling third dimension to the image. Using diamonds create a beautiful artwork from resin that shall be dazzling and sparkling!