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You can share your messages and images. Reddit with the third API library of a third party Post messages to your subreddits. YouTube with a third API library from a third party Post messages to your YouTube channel feed. Pinterest with third-party API library Pin your blog post’s main image to your Pinterest board. Ability to add images to messages XING can post text messages or share links. Ability to create posts with text, images sharing links. Ability to add an Image to tweets. The ability to attach your blog post to a Tumblr post. Bulletin – Auto-submit your blog post to the bulletin forums of vBulletin. WordPress Auto-submit your blog post to a different blog built on WordPress. The ability to attach your blog post to scoop. Ability to create “Image” posts. Create new threads and new posts.

They may choose to save it for later viewing on larger screens, so don’t dismiss document posts. Even though link posts don’t get being penalized, however, the change may not be permanent. If search engines find your content top-quality, they’ll likely follow your lead. The presence of thriving corporate pages with complete profiles will make your Company Page look great. AdHut Media helps here business owners, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and marketing personnel to know how the major social networks function and how to utilize them to ensure the success and effectiveness of marketing of their own company. With LinkedIn increasing, many people will be aware of your business in minutes. Step 1: Once you’ve signed in to LinkedIn, go directly to the page of your company by clicking on the profile photo and selecting your page from the drop-down menu.